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Inclusion 2024 Inclusive PE hub

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Welcome to the inclusive education hub. Here you will find lots of support for you as teachers or school staff to review and improve your inclusive physical education and school sport delivery. It is all made possible through the Department of Education funded, Inclusion 2024 project.

Once registered, you will be able to complete the Inclusive PE self-assessment. Then you will be directed to relevant resources based on your answers and receive tips to continually improve the way you work. 

Why is it needed?

Only a quarter (25%) of disabled children say they take part in sport and activity all of the time at school, compared to 41% of non-disabled children

My Active Future research report – Activity Alliance

We know that a positive experience in PE and school sport is essential to shape every child’s life-long participation. It can affect how we feel about being active for the rest of our lives. 
Data suggests not all young disabled people (often referred to in education settings as special educational needs or disabilities - SEND) are fully included in PE. 

Sometimes finding the best resources and support to improve your inclusive practice can be a challenge. So, we want to help you to access the most relevant information.

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